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Mar 8, 2023

Bamboo Crowd Manifesto


By Alex Pavlou

Founder - I help organizations and startups scale their teams.


Where were you in 2013? 

Do you remember when smartphones were just starting to bypass PCs as the most common web access tools? Were you making videos on Vine, the biggest social media site of the year? Or perhaps you were doing the Harlem Shake at a college party?

2013 was a memorable year in many ways, but for us at Bamboo Crowd, it’s especially near and dear to our hearts: it’s the year our company was founded.

When we founded Bamboo Crowd, our mission was clear: to build and support innovation capability for every organization worldwide. It was an ambitious mission, but also an exciting one. At the time, the world was buzzing with innovation as smart watches began to go mainstream, Apple unveiled fingerprint scanning technology, and IoT became the next big thing.

This explosion of innovation was a game-changer, becoming the foundation for economic growth and competitiveness in business. Innovators were in high demand, but there was one major issue: how could businesses connect with top talent? We identified the need for an organization that focused on connecting world-class innovators with businesses looking to impact the world in a completely new way, and that need is what has fueled our mission.

We set out to create a business founded on the principle that organizations need outstanding, motivated talent in order to discover growth opportunities, achieve competitive advantage, launch new products and services, and find the next horizon of innovation. To attract this talent, your business needs a strong story, mission, and proposition. Are you ready to craft yours? 

Over the past decade, we have partnered with our clients to help them discover what they need to both uncover new opportunities and stay at the forefront of innovation. Our global team is passionate about connecting the dots between companies, leaders, and innovators. 

If you’re interested in discovering your business’ potential for innovation, get in touch! We’d love to partner with you.

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