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Apr 17, 2019

Supercharging Growth for Fahrenheit 212, a Global Innovation Strategy + Design Consultancy


By Drew Welton

Founder - I help companies hire innovation executives.

The face of our company…their knowledge of the Innovation space is impressive, and their ability to consistently find great talent is truly remarkable.

Partner, Capgemini Invent


Fahrenheit 212 is a global innovation strategy and design firm. In 2016, they joined Capgemini and became a part of ‘capgemini Invent’, a new business line committed to delivering high-impact digital innovation, consulting and transformation for global businesses.


The brief:

In 2013, Fahrenheit 212 had a strong brand in North America but no footholds in Europe. With their eyes set on London, they came to us with a challenge to bring together the best people in innovation who could jumpstart their new offering.


The solution:

We suggested that Fahrenheit 212 use ‘Hire’, our service that allows clients to tap into a vetted and assessed network of innovation and design practitioners globally. 

Using Hire, we built a recruitment strategy that would allow Fahrenheit 212 not only to grow their team at pace, but also help them develop a powerful employer brand story in a new market.

Employee Candidate Pack Development. Being a relatively unknown employer brand in the UK market, we ran a series of sessions with their Founding team to understand the who, what and why: their story, secret sauce, culture and ideal candidate profile. With these insights, we created an engaging candidate pack that brought the opportunity, brand and business to life.

Talent Attraction. Engaging our network of highly skilled thinkers, makers and leaders, we were able to quickly build buzz and excitement about Fahrenheit 212. The candidate pack enabled us not only to attract world-class talent, but also engage and inspire candidates.

Process Management. From shortlisting live roles at pace, to scheduling interviews and managing the offer and negotiation process. We acted as a coach to candidates pre and post interview to ensure they were prepared, and once offers were made, we supported with on-boarding.



Over an initial 3-month period, we built Fahrenheit 212’s brand new team in London: we successfully hired their European Managing Director and core team of innovation consultants, commercial strategists and designers. We have continued to supercharge their growth in London, Germany and North America.

We have successfully hired more the 25 talented people globally, including their Vice President and Head of Dach to set up and grow their German business, a Head of Growth for EMEA and a Head of Idea Development/Strategy in both London and New York.

Our Hire service is for businesses that need to hire at pace. We have an unrivaled network across the innovation industry that has taken over a decade to build. Whatever your needs, we have the experience and resources to help you find the right person. Get in touch with us on to hear more. 

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