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UX Researcher | Job Description


By Bamboo Crowd

When it comes to understanding the intersection between technology, company vision, and user needs, the Product Manager is your ultimate expert. With a constant pulse on the ever-changing needs of the consumer, the Product Manager needs to maintain a deep connection with aligning an organization’s product or service with those needs. This role is key in helping the company disrupt its industry with the best, most streamlined user experience.

Products can range significantly from tangible items to software, services to web hosting. Given the wide scope of products, the role of the Product Manager is one with a diverse range of skills and duties. They might oversee product inventory, develop marketing plans for a new product launch, partner closely with design and engineering teams to test and deploy a new feature, and so much more. 

Overall, there is one critical skill that all Product Managers will always have in common: an ability to gain in-depth knowledge about the consumer and connect any product with their needs and demands.


What Skills does a UX Researcher Need?

A strong UX Researcher is an expert when it comes to finding and understanding information. They are obsessed with human actions and use data and observation to understand what inspires every decision. This means UX Researchers are keen observers, comfortable with people, and strong communicators.

Key skills for this position include:

  • An ability to create user-centric designs that are simple, easy to use, and accessible
  • Experience implementing new designs based on user testing and feedback
  • Strong communication skills with the ability to work across multiple teams
  • Presentation skills that clearly outline design changes and why they are necessary
  • An understanding of costs and budgets and willingness to create within set budgets
  • Research techniques including data collection, one-on-one interviews, focus group management, and consumer trend analysis


What Software Proficiency is Necessary?

Depending on the organization’s industry, software skills can vary from Excel proficiency to AI tools. At the core of every UX Researcher’s job is the research itself, so the following tools are recommended across all industries:

  • Microsoft Excel
  • UserTesting
  • SPSS, JMP, or other statistical research software
  • Lookback
  • Adobe Illustrator


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