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UI Designer | Job Description


By Bamboo Crowd

When an organization needs to make their product more stylish, accessible, and consumer-friendly, they turn to the UI (User Interface) Designer. This is a robust role requiring someone who has both a knack for user experience and graphic design. UI Designers are needed in all technology industries, from web to apps to appliances. It’s their job to make everyday tech usable.

A skilled UI Designer can understand the steps taken by the consumer to accomplish something when using the organization’s product. They analyze this behavior and conceptualize original ideas on how to streamline the user’s journey. Taking complex ideas and designing them into simple, user-friendly interaction flows is the UI Designer’s primary goal.

This position requires a vast amount of knowledge and experience in creating site maps, wireframes, user flows, storyboards, process flows, and site maps. They are in charge of determining how users get from point A to point B. Determining these flows is crucial to the success of a product, as the most streamlined experiences are guaranteed to lift user retention and revenue. When hiring a UI Designer, you’ll want to find an individual that works well with a team, is an excellent communicator, understands technology, and is skilled at content development. Read on to learn more about the skills and proficiencies your next UI designer needs.


What Skills does a UI Designer Need?

A UI Designer is the perfect balance between technology, creativity, and psychology. They have a keen understanding of user behaviors and use this knowledge to design for positive business outcomes. 

A strong UI Designer will have the following skills:

  • Deep understanding of graphic design, interaction design, and information architecture
  • Experience with user marketing research
  • Content development experience with a knack for balancing color, textures, and interactive items 
  • Team player with excellent communication skills 
  • Ability to identify human behavior patterns and design journeys that are in tandem with these patterns


What Software Proficiency is Necessary?

Successful UI Designers need a variety of technologies to support their work. They’ll need tools that support graphic design, wireframing, charting, creating prototypes, and more. Below, see a list of recommended software proficiencies when looking for your next UI Designer:

  • Illustrator for graphic design
  • Omnigraffle for stenciling and diagramming
  • Verify App to track user behavior
  • Axure to create prototypes
  • Intuition HQ for usability testing 
  • Visio offers flow and diagram charting
  • Keynote for wireframing


Ready to Hire a UI Designer? 

Bamboo Crowd specializes in finding unique, competitive talent with a passion for innovation. We have a pool of talented UI Designers ready to find their next long-term role, and we’d be happy to pair you with the right fit for your company. Click here to begin your hiring process today.

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