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Back End Developer | Job Description


By Bamboo Crowd

There is more to a website than what meets the eye. In order for a website’s operations and functionalities to run smoothly, skilled Back End Developers are needed to create and manage databases, scripting, logic, APIs, and website architecture. Without them, what we experience on the front end would be impossible. This is a role that owns the necessary first steps of web and mobile development.

As users enjoy a cohesive and accessible web experience, the Back End Developer is invisibly hard at work powering everything that happens. The primary responsibilities of this role are to define and maintain the central database, manage a server that houses data, and develop innovative software applications. Without this behind-the-scenes work, a website could not function.

This means that a skilled Back End Developer must live for developing detailed and accurate source code that allows for seamless navigation on the website. They are the key player in getting custom websites and apps off the ground.

The Back End Developer is therefore distinctly different from the Front End Developer, who primarily focuses on user interface design. Client-side programming is everything that users see and interact with. These functions would be impossible without core power and logic developed on the back end.


What Skills does a Back End Developer Need?

A passion for mathematics, logic, detail, and organization is necessary to become a successful Back End Developer. The work required is a constant cycle of writing code, testing it out, and debugging, and this cycle requires patience and persistence.

Their goal is to create functionality that is handed off to the Front End Developer, so this core creation is crucial to the overall success of your websites and applications. 

A deep understanding of technology architecture and how computer software functions are key to success in this position. Their role in the creative process of web development may be non-visible, but it is the canvas that will hold your completed work of tech art.

The Back End Developer must live for computer logic and be excited about the detailed work necessary to understand it.


Key skills for this position include:

  • Ability to architect and influence the direction of the digital space, including web and applications
  • Proven ability to write clean and accurate code
  • Effective problem-solving skills and independent self-direction
  • Strong computer science fundamentals: data structures, algorithms, programming languages, distributed systems, and information retrieval
  • Exceptional communication with the ability to explain complex technical concepts to team members and across the organization
  • Familiar with performance tuning, measurement, and experimentation systems


What Software Proficiency is Necessary?

The Back End Developer is an exceptional programmer with HTML, C++, C#, Python, and Java in their computer language skillset. They should have a deep understanding of the following:

  • CSS for visual design of basic code
  • CLI to instruct the computer on how to operate
  • GUI to create graphics, icons, and visual cues
  • Unix products that allow for computer multitasking and operations
  • Model-view-controller architecture


With these proficiencies in mind, a Back End Developer must have a specific career background. Their experience should include:

  • Experience in a software engineering role
  • Robust computer language skillset including: HTML, C++, C#, Python,Scala, Kotlin, Node.js, and Java 
  • A strong process for writing and designing quality code
  • Experience building web applications that encourage user engagement
  • Ability to collaborate and interact across multiple teams and with stakeholders
  • Strong experience designing and building distributed systems


Ready to Hire a Back End Developer? 

Bamboo Crowd specializes in finding unique, competitive talent with a passion for innovation. We have a pool of talented Back End Developers ready to find their next long-term role, and we’d be happy to pair you with the right fit for your company. Click here to begin your hiring process today.

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