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Mar 9, 2023

PNC Bank: Working to Expand a Strategic Design Team


By Chelsea Power

Associate Director - I'm a recruiter for world-class strategists and researchers.

Banking has been a part of modern society for generations. It is a form of business so permanently ingrained in everyday life that the banking industry is often overlooked when people think about innovation. Why change a well-oiled machine, right?

PNC Bank is a leading company that has been challenging the status quo, bringing innovative thinking to how people experience banking. They have a well-established innovation and technology team that specializes in building breakthrough propositions. Leadership was ready to expand this team but needed specific talent. Explore our journey with PNC Bank as we streamlined their hiring process to expand their team of innovators.


The Problem:

PNC Bank has key roles they needed to fill and their talent acquisition team needed support in attracting the right talent for the team. They were filling very specific strategic design roles and needed to navigate a saturated market to find the best candidates.


Talent They Needed:

We met the design team and learned about their talent needs. Their hiring goals included candidates across:

  • Experience Design
  • Strategic Design
  • Business Design
  • Technology Innovation


The Big Solution:

We worked alongside PNC Bank’s Innovation Leaders and Talent Acquisition teams to build an efficient pipeline of talent across their key areas of interest. Out of a large pool of design candidates, we narrowed the search down to their talent preferences: Experience, Strategy, Business, and Technology. 

We fine-tuned the vetting process by helping them identify their true needs, refining the job description with specific language and experience requirements. This process allowed us to access the talent they were looking for more efficiently and accurately.



Our partnership helped PNC Bank to cut their time-to-fill rate by 50%, streamlining the interview process with efficient strategies. We made two key hires into their strategic design team and continue to provide support across commercial strategy, business design, and technology innovation. Their innovation and technology team is now able to handle an expansive workload as PNC Bank reinvents how people experience banking. 


Ready to find innovation leaders for your organization? Let’s have a conversation - send us a message! We can’t wait to help your company stand out from the crowd.

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