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Mar 9, 2023

Valon: Growing a Product Design Team in a Competitive Landscape


By Jared Tredly

Director - I'm a recruiter for world-class product designers.

As 2023 continues, more and more tech companies are joining the layoff trend. This means that for the first time - maybe ever? - the job market is saturated with a high level of skilled talent. We’ve come across more talent than we’ve ever seen before that have worked for some of the top brands in the world, making it difficult for hiring companies to sift through and find the best talent match.

Valon, a residential mortgage servicer and lender, was ready to add to their team to support the rapidly growing demand for their product. They specialize in making home ownership simpler, more secure, and informed for their users, reimagining mortgages from top to bottom. With a recent raise of Series B funding, it was time to scale up the Design team.


Identifying the Problem:

Valon needed to double its product design team, but in such a saturated market, they lacked the time needed to best attract top designers for their roles. It was difficult to nail down an efficient hiring process while keeping up with operational demand. What could they do to quickly and successfully hire their ideal new team members?


Talent Needed:

When we began our partnership with Valon, they shared the specific Product Design hires that the team was searching for, including:

  • One growth-focused designer
  • One covering core app experiences
  • One focused on internal tools


The Big Solution:

We worked alongside Valon’s internal talent team to create maximum efficiency as we kicked off the search. A key role that our team was able to play was in redesigning the hiring process: narrowing it down to three stages with an average time from intro-to-offer of 2.5 weeks. We also prioritized building marketing assets outside of the standard job description, helping Valon stand out to potential candidates.



At the end of our partnership, Valon was able to double their Design team, making three new hires in rapid succession. They went from a simple job description in a saturated market to a highly sought-after company with a strong hiring process and an impactful presence. They appreciated the efficiency of the revamped process and were elated to make such successful hires in less than three months. 


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