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Jun 5, 2023

The Mighty Appeal of Smaller Consultancies + Agencies: Unleashing Your Impact


By Chelsea Power

Associate Director - I'm a recruiter for world-class strategists and researchers.

In the fast-paced world of professional services, consultants often find themselves contemplating their next career move. While larger consultancies and agencies may seem like obvious choices, smaller and boutique shops deserve equal consideration. These under-the-radar players possess a unique approach to strategy, research, and design, offering professionals the opportunity to make a significant impact. In this article, we explore the benefits of working in smaller consultancies and agencies and why they should be a part of your job hunt.


1. More Ownership of Projects and Impact

In smaller consultancies and agencies, professionals have the opportunity to take on more responsibility and have a say in the overall practice, regardless of their level. This level of autonomy allows individuals to drive their own career paths, wear multiple hats, and contribute to the success of projects. With a broader exposure to various aspects of the work, professionals can focus more on what they love doing, rather than being burdened by administrative tasks.


2. Mentorship and Mobility

Leadership in smaller consultancies and agencies tends to be more hands-on, providing a unique opportunity for mentorship and close collaboration on projects. Working side by side with experienced professionals in a player-coach dynamic allows for rapid skill development and visibility. Additionally, these organizations often have less rigid review periods, enabling individuals to demonstrate their capabilities and progress more fluidly. The environment is conducive to implementing new practices and experimenting with innovative approaches, further enhancing professional growth.


3. Cultural Advantage

Smaller consultancies and agencies foster a tight-knit and inclusive culture. With fewer employees, it's easier to develop personal connections and truly get to know colleagues on a deeper level. The emphasis on design and strategy attracts teams composed of thinkers and makers, fostering an environment that values the importance of good design and innovative solutions. This culture also extends beyond the office, as smaller organizations are usually more inclined to engage in extracurricular activities together, creating stronger bonds.


4. Flexibility and Innovation

Smaller consultancies and agencies often break free from traditional corporate ways of working, embracing flexibility and agility. This adaptability allows professionals to explore new ideas and experiment with different approaches, leading to innovation and creative problem-solving. The nimble nature of smaller organizations facilitates the implementation of new practices, enabling individuals to stay ahead of industry trends and adapt to client needs more efficiently.


5. Job Security and Investment

While all organizations prioritize job security, smaller consultancies and agencies take a more intentional approach to growth. They tend to be more cautious and strategic in expanding their teams, ensuring they meet market demands while maintaining stability. When these organizations hire, it's often a critical investment in the individual's potential and their ability to contribute to the overall success of the team. This personalized investment in employees fosters a sense of value and security, making individuals feel like more than just cogs in a corporate machine.


When considering your next career move, don't overlook the smaller consultancies, even if they are just a 2-person team. These hidden gems offer unique advantages, empowering professionals to take ownership, grow their skills quickly, contribute to meaningful projects, and thrive in a culture that values innovation and collaboration. The opportunities for impact, mentorship, flexibility, and job security in these organizations make them a compelling choice for those seeking a dynamic and fulfilling career. If you're ready to get started in exploring opportunities with a smaller consultancy or agency, be sure to send a message to Chelsea Power!

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