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Jan 10, 2023

Innovation in a Recession: Dylan Viner, TRIPTK

The last two years have shown many of us the value of innovation. The ability to accommodate surprises, discover effective solutions quickly, and strategically think about navigating an unknown future has helped certain businesses and leaders to stand out among the rest. In our podcast series, Innovation in a Recession, we’re speaking with leaders, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and more to get their perspectives on how companies should be thinking about their innovation strategy in 2023.


By Alex Pavlou

Founder - I help organizations and startups scale their teams.

Dylan Viner joined us on the podcast from TRIPTK, a global brand transformation agency. His career started with a passion for the psychology of marketing, which led him to many advertising positions. As his curiosity for consumer perceptions and behaviors grew, he made his way into digital and strategic innovation. His journey is inspiring for those looking to bridge the gap between their current career and working in innovation - get curious about the fundamentals of what a brand stands for and you too can become an innovator!

Given his background, Dylan was able to share some general sentiments from leaders as we anticipate a recession. How are executives thinking about what’s to come? Is this an opportunity for maintaining stability, or for growing?

Dylan addresses these questions and more during his time on the podcast and we have highlighted three important points below. Gain a little inspiration from his expertise in advertising, business, and innovation, and see how you might shift your perspective as we travel further into 2023. 


Caution, Concern, Excitement!

How are decision-makers feeling about the looming recession? There seems to be a mixed review about what’s ahead for the business economy, but there is one thing Viner knows for certain: every moment is an opportunity.

“Oh, everyone's very excited about 2023. Even though there's a cautious approach going into the year, there are a lot more leaders who recognize it as an opportunity, or who see the risk of not navigating it with a sense of opportunism or even intentionality. It's not about continuing with exactly what you were doing. It's probably not about stopping. It's thinking about how you navigate a specific moment and hopefully use it to your advantage.”


What are the Recession Priorities?

Despite the range of emotions many may be feeling as we continue through the year, this is a time for decision-making. What is the smartest move?

“It's a great opportunity to take stock of your products and services and determine whether you are doing a good job of meeting the needs of your existing prospects and customers. An even greater opportunity is to make sure you are getting close to culture and people and working out what they need, given that that is changing.”

- Dylan Viner, Chief Strategy Officer at TRIPTK


Leaning into Purpose

When prioritizing people and culture, the organization’s mission and purpose must be addressed. Viner suggests now is the time to keep purpose at the core of your operations.

“When it fits naturally with the product that the companies make, it always feels great. And when it's authentic to the vision of a founder or a leader even more so.

"So, I think there are still conversations to be had to make sure people are asking for company purpose for the right reason, but more people are asking for it. More people are seeing the value of it. And I think that's good for business, good for brands, and good for the world.”

- Dylan Viner, Chief Strategy Officer at TRIPTK


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