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Aug 9, 2022

Morning Coffee: Livie Casto, Prophet

Welcome to Morning Coffee, a series from Bamboo Crowd in which we showcase the brilliant people we’ve had the opportunity to work with. So brew yourself a cup and cozy in to hear stories from people who’ve landed their dream roles, from the exceptional folks who support our clients, and from our own mighty staff here at Bamboo Crowd. We’ll talk about everything from how they take their coffee (yes, we ask this) to what they’re seeing and doing in their new roles and the industry at large.


By Chelsea Power

Associate Director - I'm a recruiter for world-class strategists and researchers.


The weather has a way of dictating many things in our day-to-day lives. It’s the difference between sandals and rainboots; a bike to work day and an unplanned Uber ride; even dining on a rooftop versus staying indoors. The avid coffee drinker knows that the weather also has a way of deciding how we take our morning brew- and Livie Casto had to confess that she gets a little inspiration from the natural elements.  

“I drink my coffee black, and it usually does depend on the weather. I mean, I try to drink iced coffee all year round, but sometimes you just have to have hot.” We couldn’t agree more.

The weather, in its own subtle way, teaches us to embrace change. We learn to work with the unpredictable, and we learn to make changes in our day to accommodate what comes. This is a great way to look at the shifts that inevitably happen throughout a career: sometimes it's sunshine, sometimes it's stormy, and sometimes it's time for a new season.

Livie came to Bamboo Crowd ready for that new season in her career. During her interview rounds, she met the team at Prophet: a consulting firm that helps businesses discover new ways to transform and grow. Livie immediately felt a connection with the team.

Prophet unleashes the power of people

“​When I spoke with the people at Prophet, literally every single person was radiating joy and light through the Zoom screen- which just shocked me. I don't know why that was so uncommon in other interviews, but every single person was just filled with joy. It made me believe that it was a great environment to work in, and that has proven to be true.”

We were able to catch up with Livie and learn what she and the team at Prophet have been working on over the past few weeks.

Embracing the New

People often find themselves searching for a new role when they are ready to grow. It is perfectly natural that we outgrow our previous positions and become ready for something new and challenging that will help us continue to develop professionally. This was the case with Livie. Having thrived in her past role, she was ready to embrace the next level of her career, and Prophet threw her right in.

“I'm a Business Design Director, and I'm working with two other folks who are basically trying to establish business design in the context of their experience and innovation group. So I would say my role is sort of twofold. I am educating, coaching, and continuing to establish what business design is in Prophet, and then also doing that through project work.”

Prophet was not afraid to put their new Business Design Director right to work. “Early on day two, I started a pitch- which we won!” Livie beamed. “So that was awesome.”

As Livie continued to guide us through her first 6 weeks of work, it was clear that she is a match for this team based on her eagerness to think big and a desire to take on challenges. She is full of disruptive, strong ideas- and she needed a company that was going to embrace and benefit from her thinking.  

It’s not just Livie who loves to think big and take on challenges. Prophet prides itself on designing their teams with those purposes in mind, and that was a key part of what attracted Livie to the company.

My favorite part about working with Prophet has been the quality of thinking that is put into every single thing that we do. The things that we do are not different from most consulting firms or agencies, but the rigor, standard, and quality with which we do them are so much higher.

- Livie Casto, Business Design Director at Prophet

A Season of Thriving

Livie spent the past year searching for that perfect next role. As a talented and sought-out candidate, she received many offers and spoke to some great companies, but something told her that these options weren’t what she was meant for.

She admitted that, during that job hunt, she often didn’t know what she was looking for. It was important that the decision felt right. After meeting Prophet, Livie could tell that it was the right place for her. Helping her navigate this journey to her new season was a ride we were excited to be a part of, and our partnership was something Livie was happy to have.

Everybody at Bamboo Crowd is so kind, so willing to understand what your goals are, and they really function as an advocate for you, the person going through the interview process, where I feel like some other recruiters I've worked with in the past made it very clear that they're trying to hit a quota, and it does not feel personal or connected.

- Livie Casto, Business Design Director at Prophet

We were eager to advocate on Livie’s behalf, and it was our job to earn her trust as co-pilots in her career journey. As she continues to flourish in this new season of her career, we are glad she knows she’ll always have advocates to call on whenever she might need to down the road.

“Honestly, if in the future I'm ever looking for a new role I would reach out to Bamboo Crowd and say, ‘Hey, do you have anything like this?’ Because I now trust that they will be able to place me in excellent roles in the future.”


Want to learn more about opportunities with Prophet, or talk all things Strategy, Transformation, and Innovation? Be sure to connect with Lead Consultant Chelsea Power for more info. And- why not have it all? Discover how the Bamboo Crowd team can work alongside you to find the position you’re looking for - sign up here.



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