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Oct 5, 2020

Ada Lovelace Day: Gender & LGBTQ+ in the Workplace - An Open Dialogue


By Drew Welton

Founder - I help companies hire innovation executives.

In this session we will be running an open dialogue on:

• Gender including pronouns
• LGTBTQ+ myth busting
• Transgender colleagues in the workplace
• How to be an ally or champion
• LGBTQ+ awareness in the workplace
• Navigating Gender & LGBTQ+ in tech

18-18:10- Welcome
18:10-19:00 Panel Discussion & Q&A
19:00- Close

Cade Friedenbach (he/they) is a queer trans masculine Software Engineer and a leadership team member of Out In Tech, a global nonprofit with 40,000 members focused on supporting the LGBTQ+ community within the tech industry. At Out In Tech, Cade helps run the Digital Corps program which has built over 150+ websites for LGBTQ+ focused nonprofits and activists. He has also served as mentor as part of Out In Tech's youth mentoring program. Outside of Out In Tech, Cade is a Software Engineer at Vineti and has worked with a variety of enterprises and start ups in the US and Canada.

Katie Pether (she/her) is the Digital Recruitment Lead and Mental Health First Aid Instructor at DfE Digital. DfE Digital aims to create world class services for the education and social care sector. Katie is currently leading the transformation of equity and inclusion within digital recruitment – DfE Digital pride themselves on putting accessibility first and creating talented teams that reflect the community DfE serves. Alongside recruitment, Katie is currently training Mental Health First Aiders, volunteering for Time to Change and running LBGT+ awareness sessions for the Department for Education.

Rachael Grocott (her/she) is a Product Designer at Geckoboard. She has over 8 years experience in the industry and working in small companies has given her experience in all aspects of the product process. For a long time in her career Rachael was the only woman. Realising that feeling like a minority in the workplace was the norm for a lot of people, she co-founded a community for women in Tech called Triangirls. They meet monthly to discuss the topics many shy away from; f*ck ups, masturbation and pay negotiation. Yes, really— these are all topics they’ve run events on. Rachael has also written for NetMag, been interviewed by Vice and spoken at companies like Samsung and Monzo.

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