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Apr 18, 2019

Finding perfect leader to grow a fledgling innovation hub, Plexal


By Drew Welton

Founder - I help companies hire innovation executives.

Bamboo Crowd has played an instrumental role in helping us build our innovation services team. The access to their pool of high calibre applicants has allowed us to fill roles within weeks rather than the months it has taken in the past.

Head of HR and Operations


Opened in 2017, Plexal is a co-working space and accelerator for amazing tech startups, as well as a host for hackathons and events. In 2018, they launched Plexiglass, an accelerator to help female-founded startups scale, and LORCA, a three-year initiative that runs bespoke, six-month programmes for top cybersecurity companies.

The brief:

To hire a unique leader, quickly. They needed an expert who could drive their business and help them to scale. This person needed to have a skillset at the intersection of innovation, technology and strategy, but also experience in growing and running a business day-to-day so that Plexal could achieve their goal in having a real impact in the local community.

The solution:

This brief needed us to deliver in a tight timeframe and so we provided Plexal with our Executive Search service. This included:

Workshopping. Working directly with their Founder and HR Director, we facilitated a workshop not only to learn more about Plexal, but also to help shape and build the brief; assessing the skill gaps, opportunity areas and growth strategy.

Employee Candidate Pack Development. Using the insights we unlocked through workshops, we developed a powerful employer brand story and proposition to take to market. This resulted in a 10-page deck that brought the Plexal brand to life, showcasing their culture, vision and the opportunity there for future employees.

Market Mapping. Our assigned search team completed a deep analysis of Plexal’s market, identifying their key competitors and talent pockets, as well as using our internal talent map.

Outreach. Using this knowledge base as a platform for outreach, we began our search for Plexal’s leader across our network of innovators and influencers, where we were able to identify and attract talent quickly.

Process Management. As a recruitment partner, we were able to help shape Plexal’s recruitment process to ensure their candidate experience was both engaging and representative of their business. We organised meetings and interviews with candidates, providing each person with full briefings pre- and post-interview, and managed the offer negotiation process.


Within four weeks of our first workshop with Plexal, we found, engaged and hired their Head of Innovation. And, since joining their team, this person has now progressed to become their Chief Innovation Officer.

We provided an Executive Search service to support Plexal in identifying multiple executive hires and we've continued to work with the team to scale out their innovation team.

Dan Wileman - Head of Strategy Recruitment

Our Executive Search service is for businesses that need someone specific. We have an unrivalled network across the innovation industry that has taken over a decade to build. Whatever your needs, we have the experience and resources to help you find the right person. Get in touch with Dan Wileman to hear more –

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