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Nov 22, 2022

A Design Recruiter Can Strengthen Your Job Hunt


By Jared Tredly

Director - I'm a recruiter for world-class product designers.

Many job hunters don't realize how impactful working with a design recruiter can be. It’s an opportunity to not only lessen your workload but to streamline your search in a number of ways.

We sat down with Jared Tredly, Bamboo Crowd Partner + Director of Design, and Brian Hartrick, Lead Consultant, to discuss the benefits of partnering with a design recruiter.

Read below for four ways a design recruiter can strengthen your job hunt.



The most important task for your design recruiter is finding the perfect fit for you. It isn’t about finding the quickest match - it’s about finding the right match with intention.

A good design recruiter listens to your goals, ambitions, and desires, and aligns with those conversations to create a plan of action. Whether it’s a career-defining opportunity or a freelance contract - being fulfilled in your work is important.”



Not all designers are the same, and it’s critical to the success of your job hunt that you and your design recruiter understand that. Not every role will be a fit for you and having someone in your corner to help weed through the never-ending design jobs board is essential to finding the right role.

“We’re experts at building design teams for companies. We can provide perspective, context, and insight on where your experience and ambitions align within the market of opportunities for designers.”


Your “Sports Agent”

Design recruitment agencies are a major asset for job hunters due to their position in the market. They work with a variety of teams with unique differences and are able to accurately pinpoint your success rate across a number of competitive roles.

This means we have the exposure and access to a range of opportunities across the design space, and we want to create the connection between your goals and the great companies that want to know about you and your work.”

They can help you evaluate, plan, and take action throughout the process and provide encouragement and support when you need it most.


Negotiation Process

Many people miss the opportunity to negotiate their contract after finding a role that’s a fit for them. Your design recruiter is here to ensure you don’t miss out on salary gains.

“Having exposure and knowledge from a very deep range of data points, we’re advocates for fair, equitable, and high-value when it comes to your next income opportunities.”


Connect with a Design Recruiter

As you continue your journey toward your next role, keep these points in mind and consider working with a design recruiter today. Both Jared and Brian are here to provide deeper insights and get you started with your job hunt partner - we encourage you to reach out to them!


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