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Nov 23, 2020

Supporting Alibaba to scale a Customer Experience Team


By Drew Welton

Founder - I help companies hire innovation executives.

Working with Bamboo Crowd has helped me scale my team in ways that never would have been possible without them. They found amazing talent from a wide swath of industries and were very responsive to feedback, allowing us to quickly focus in on the right people and hire teams quickly. The solid communication, detailed progress reports, and overall friendliness and professionalism make them an easy choice to continue working with as new positions opened up. I look forward to working with them even more in the future.

Head of Design, North America


The Alibaba North American team were tasked with transforming the e-Commerce giant into a multi-trillion dollar global B2B commerce eco-system by re-imagining and re-designing the entire Alibaba experience for North American SME’s, entrepreneurs, and consumers and turn into something never before seen on the world stage.


Alibaba were launching a Customer Experience and Innovation team in New York to re-invent their entire North American customer experience. They needed access to a network of talent across user experience, visual design, user research, and content strategy as well as executive leadership with experience of business strategy and innovation.

Beyond this they were looking for support in identifying job roles, acquiring key talent fast, managing the full recruitment process, and working closely with hiring managers to develop job descriptions and processes. 

The Solution:

Our Build projects are structured as partnerships where our team power growth for a business or team, whatever their objectives are. We initially focus on scoping and strategy and then set the guidelines and structure for how we are going to deliver. 

For Alibaba, we knew from the start that we had to build a huge pipeline of talent. They needed to understand what talent was in the market while also recruiting their team quickly. They also needed a communication and employer brand strategy in order to position the opportunity in an extremely competitive marketplace, given there was also a lack of understanding of what and who Alibaba were. 

Our team focused on working in partnership with Alibaba North America Leadership and HR to:

  • Deploy candidate management systems.
  • Recruitment process design and assessment criteria.
  • Development of job descriptions, advertising and compensation analysis.
  • Consistent outreach and development of a pipeline of talent.
  • Talent acquisition.
  • Weekly reporting of applicant tracking, insights, and feedback from the market.


We partnered with Alibaba for 5 months, powering their growth across User Research, Experience Design, Content Strategy, Visual Design, Operations, Strategy, and Innovation and supporting them in growing the team from 8 to 50 in 5 months. 



Our Build service been been designed to help companies grow more sustainably and more cost-effectively. Beyond providing you with engaged pools of talent, an expertly managed recruitment process, and crucial, high-value feedback and insight from the market delivered every week, we also work provide you with a Talent Partner who is fully focused on making sure your organisation grows. Through Build we’ve helped clients hire faster, smarter, and better. 

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