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Jan 31, 2022

Morning Coffee: Jared Cox, Adylic

Welcome to Morning Coffee, a series from Bamboo Crowd in which we showcase the brilliant people we’ve had the opportunity to work with. So brew yourself a cup and cozy in to hear stories from people who’ve landed their dream roles, from the exceptional folks who support our clients, and from our own mighty staff here at Bamboo Crowd. We’ll talk about everything from how they take their coffee (yes, we ask this) to what they’re seeing and doing in their new roles and the industry at large.


By Alicia Diaz

Consultant - I'm a recruiter for world-class strategists and researchers.

There are almost too many options for that first cup of coffee/tea that so many of us reach for in the morning. From lattes to mochas, on ice to piping hot, the menus in coffee shops tend to run much longer than one might think. For Jared Cox, the decision is simple, classic, and straight to the point.

“I usually take my coffee black,” Jared states when asked how he enjoys his morning cup. “Although sometimes I go for a little bit of oat milk or some creamer, but mostly just black.”  

Jared was finishing up his cup of coffee as we discussed his role with Adylic, an integrative product that helps a variety of businesses optimize their creative toolkit with data, strategy, and outside-the-box thinking. It was right around the holiday season when Jared spoke with our team, and he got to answer a fun question: how would you describe what Adylic does to an uncle that knows little to nothing about the tech space?

He responded with a hearty laugh. “I actually did this over the weekend, my uncle had a flip phone up until about a year ago and he finally got a smartphone, so he’s really out of touch. I was like, ‘Look, you're a man in your mid­-60s, you love your pick-up truck. What my company does is work with various businesses to get market data and make sure that their products fit you specifically.



If my client's in the auto industry, we're gonna be looking to put you in another pickup truck like yours, that you love. So in the instant that you click on one website, we're getting all this market data on you and collecting it, and when you click on another website, the ad auto­fills, 'Hey, there's this really great deal on this specific pickup truck from this company that you’ll like.'’

Jared’s passion for his work is made clear just by the excitement in his voice. We were eager to hear more about why he chose Adylic as his perfect work home.



The Power of Company Culture

While many factors can contribute to both hiring and retaining strong employees, company culture has become a leading selling point. Many top hires expect work-life balance, an environment that promotes growth, and a work family that prioritizes teamwork, kindness, and respect. 

Adylic’s company culture is what initially got Jared’s attention. “The interviews were phenomenal,” Jared recalls. “Everyone at Adylic has been super welcoming so far. I really love the team. My first day in the office, which was my fourth day actually working, we had already gone out for a giant happy hour, and everyone's welcoming me with open arms. I felt like I had been there for years.”

The Adylic team took the time to show Jared he was appreciated and valued, and that act of generosity is what inevitably gained them a talented new team member.

In addition to the strong welcome, the office culture also encouraged Jared to immediately jump into action and show off his skill set. “In my first few weeks, we were gearing up for all our November launches. For one of our clients, we were at the tail end of it, and I was able to sort of jump right in,” Jared said.

I was given all the context I needed. With the help of my manager working hand-­in-­hand, we were able to get everything launched, according to him, in record time.
- Jared Cox, Junior Account Manager at Adylic

Since then, Jared has slowly begun to own his launches independently with less and less direct guidance from his manager. Being given the space and trust to challenge himself with independent work is what sealed the deal between Jared and Adylic.



The Value of Empathy

It’s success stories like Jared’s that inspire the Bamboo Crowd team to customize job searches to each candidate. Beyond securing a job that fits your resume, we aim to position you to take a career step that will allow you to grow, challenge yourself, and join a team that feels like home.


Jared recalls his experience working with Alicia, a Consultant in Bamboo’s New York office. “I spoke with a lot of recruiters during my job search, and a lot of them just went straight in - all about the job, then they're like, ‘Okay, goodbye, I'll reach out to you with an email to set something up.’ Alicia was not at all like that. She very much wanted to make sure that I felt comfortable, wanted to make sure that I knew who she was and we just kept talking. For literally every interview, she would call me like, ‘Hey, how are you doing? Are you excited?’”



So much about the job search process feels cold, overly competitive, and even a little robotic. Adding a human, emotional, and empathetic touch goes a long way, and Alicia and the entire team at Bamboo Crowd know that most times, job hunters just need to be truly seen and heard.

Another issue that Jared faced was balancing a full-time work schedule with the interview process. “​​Some of these interviews can be an hour to an hour and a half long,” Jared recalls. “When you disappear for that long, you can't just tell your manager, ‘Hey, I'm looking for another job. I need this hour and a half.’ Alicia was able to help me with my schedule, and if anything came up, she'd be like, ‘that's totally fine. We will make it work. I'll let them know you need to reschedule.’ She was super helpful with organizing and scheduling, which was my biggest problem.”

We were excited to establish such a strong connection with Jared and that, throughout his job search, Alicia was able to see what he needed at any moment and adapt to it.

Alicia and Bamboo Crowd really stood out among the crowd, no pun intended!
- Jared Cox

We’re ready to hear all about your goals for 2022 and work with you to find that next career step, so be sure to connect with Alicia Diaz to learn more about Adylic and the great roles they’re hiring for. Looking for something else? Let’s add some humanity back to your job search - register with us to get started today!

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