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Mar 9, 2023

Calibrate: Building a Design Team from the Ground Up


By Jared Tredly

Director - I'm a recruiter for world-class product designers.

Expansion is an exciting step for any organization. A tight-knit team works hard to develop an innovative product and one day, they look up and realize, “we need more hands!” It’s a big moment for any company, and as Calibrate reached this milestone they knew growing their team had to be a streamlined and strategic process.

Calibrate is an innovator in the weight loss industry, breaking down stereotypes and toxic patterns with a science-backed product that provides their customers with healthier and more efficient solutions. After a recent round of Series B funding, leadership was ready to build a Design team - from scratch! This meant finding everyone from executive to mid-level and creating a team culture. See how our partnership helped Calibrate determine their needs for the hiring and culture development process.


The Problem:

With a product in the B2C space, Calibrate’s leadership and internal Talent Acquisition team needed to find strong design talent with research, marketing, and leadership experience. These new team members would be helping to define the team culture, so it was crucial to find the right fit for this startup-style operation.


Talent they needed:

Calibrate needed to find a wide range of talent at all levels. They were looking for highly specific skill sets from top to bottom. The list of needed roles included:

  • VP of Product Design
  • Two Product Design Directors
  • Three Senior Product Designers


The Big Solution:

Our first goal was to design an efficient hiring strategy and prioritize key hires that could help define team culture. We were quick to connect them with a qualified VP of Design that joined the team and provided guidance alongside leadership and Talent Acquisition.

After rolling out a fresh hiring process and with weekly meetings with their team, we were able to deliver market research and compensation advice to attract the right talent.



With a streamlined hiring process in place and the VP ready to take the lead on team culture, we were able to expand their team with Director Level and Senior IC Designers. This robust new team is helping Calibrate to enhance their product and offerings in preparation for the next round of series investments.


Ready to grow your teams? Let’s talk. Send us a message! We can’t wait to help your company stand out from the crowd.

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