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Apr 5, 2023

Building Design Teams with Intent


By Brian Hartrick

Lead Consultant - I'm a recruiter for world-class product designers.


The world of fintech is rapidly expanding, and companies are constantly searching for talented individuals to help them achieve their goals. Recently, Bamboo Crowd Lead Consultant, Brian Hartrick, visited an early-stage fintech company to learn more about the team as well as a high-priority principal role they were looking to fill.

Brian's goal was to gain a better understanding of the company's culture, vision, and the role they were looking to fill. To truly understand the company, he knew he needed to go beyond the surface level and meet the team in person. By visiting the company's office, he was able to connect with the team on a personal level and gain more depth in his conversations with designers.

During his visit, Brian discovered that the company had a strong focus on community and building a team that shared their values. This resonated with Bamboo Crowd's philosophy of building teams that work well together and share a common vision. He also learned that the principal role they were looking to fill was crucial to the success of their vision.

By gaining a deeper understanding of the company's culture and vision, Brian was able to provide valuable insights to the design community. He was able to paint a better picture of the company and their vision, which allowed him to connect with the design community in a more compelling way. This, in turn, helped the company attract the right talent and build a strong team for the future.

By building strong teams that share the same values and vision, we can help companies achieve their goals and make a positive impact on the industry and the world. Brian's visit to this team is just one example of how we aim to go beyond the surface to connect with people and build teams that work well together.

Brian's visit to this early-stage fintech company was a success. He was able to gain a better understanding of the team and their culture, as well as provide valuable insights to the talent he speaks with across the design community. We're looking forward to seeing the achievements that will come from the teams latest hires, as well as partnering with more companies in the future to help build strong, innovative teams.

Do you have plans to build your design team this year? Or looking to find your next design role? Connect with Brian to get started!

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