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Mar 14, 2023

Emcee: Attracting the Best Talent to Help Scale a Social Commerce Startup


By Alex Pavlou

Founder - I help organizations and startups scale their teams.

The past decade has seen major shifts in how consumers access content and make decisions about what products to invest in. From magazine ads and Facebook Groups to TikTok videos and YouTube reviews, organizations have had to lean heavily on marketing departments to keep their products relevant to their audiences. Now more than ever, one key insight has become the game-changer: realness rules.

While paid campaigns and messaging from the organization add value to its strategy, what people look for most is authenticity. They read reviews from other buyers, trust influencers who really use the products they show off, and visit places that people rave about in reels. 

Emcee noticed this trend and took action. The startup launched a product that connects influencers with the brands they love to help content creators monetize while brands gain presence in front of their audiences. The small team of eight was ready to scale their company up big time with several new positions that could strengthen their product and launch to market.


The Problem:

The early-stage startup already had the marketing team they needed to gain attention for their new brand. Their next step was to hire the product and engineering teams that could prepare their platform to launch. They also needed strong leadership to define the company culture.


Talent they needed:

Emcee needed to build strong teams from scratch. They needed help navigating the current job market to find the right talent. The positions they wanted to fill include:

  • Engineering
  • Product Management
  • Marketing and Partnerships
  • Product Design


The Big Solution:

Working closely with Emcee’s founder, we took time to understand every detail of the organization so that we could clearly and efficiently pitch Emcee to the right talent. We took this information and created unique job descriptions and pitches, and curated specific candidate packs. This forethought and strategic planning allowed us to connect Emcee with a stronger shortlist of qualified candidates, streamlining the hiring process.


"Thanks to Bamboo, we can proudly say that we have a rockstar team at EMCEE. Bamboo has this unique ability to understand the needs of each role from creative to engineering and accurately source talent to meet those needs... You can see that they put extra attention in building relationships with their clients but most importantly with talent and that reflects in the quality of their candidates."


- Founder, EMCEE



Over the past year, we have worked together to scale Emcee’s team from that founding tight-knit group of eight to 35 employees. We hired their first Engineering leader, which snowballed that team to 12 members quickly. Finding talent from top brands across the nation, including RueGilt, Google, and Meta, their company is well set up for a strong product launch and fast growth.


Ready to grow your teams? Let’s talk. Send us a message! We can’t wait to help your company stand out from the crowd.

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